More customers find Håkan's farm shop

A clip from last year, but fits well this year too.
Click the link to watch.

Interest in running your own farm shop is increasing and more homemakers found their way to the local store this summer. Håkan Bjernhagen opened a small farm shop outside Arboga five years ago (now six years ago) and the corona year has meant more customers.

In one of the houses on the farm a couple of miles south of Arboga, Håkan Bjernhagen sells, among other things, marmalades, crispbread and various sauces.

This year not only did more customers arrive, but they also appeared earlier, already in April. A corona effect, Håkan Bernhagen believes, because many wanted to explore things in their home neighborhoods and thus discovered the local.

- You don't have much else to do. People want to come out and look around but haven't been able to go far, he says.

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