Success at the world's largest food fair, Internationale Grüne Woche 2023

Sörgården Måla, which had been selected to represent Sweden at the world's largest food fair, Grüne Woche in Berlin, is now back home after 10 intense days at the fair. See the video from the fair

The queues were long when we offered elk sausages (from Stensåkra) with a selection of organic sauces (venison ketchup, red deer sauce and Chipotle sauce), our Red Onion Dream, Honey Mustard to the roughly 300,000 fair visitors. In addition, we offered a selection of our organic marmalades (Salt Licorice Marmalade, Strawberry Daiquiri Marmalade, Mojito Marmalade and the pumpkin marmalade Sweet Revenge of the Valkyries. We received direct feedback from both active and potential buyers in the German market, who expressed very high appreciation for both sauces and marmalades. Most appreciated was the elk sausage, which we sold out, so we ordered more sausage, which we also sold out. Among the marmalades, the Salt Licorice Marmalade was the most popular, and we sold out of all the jars we had with us, both large and small.

Sörgården Måla specializes in unique flavors made with natural ingredients and without additives and they look forward to presenting more of the best that Swedish cuisine has to offer in the future.

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  • Grattis jättekul ni är så duktiga

    Ewa Holmqvist

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