Red onion dream - a tasty and wonderful side dish

One of my most successful marmalades over the years is my red onion marmalade, but it can't be called marmalade because you can't make marmalade from red onions. From today it is called Red Onion Dream

Possibly raising some eyebrows – red onion in a marmalade? Some definitely raised their eyebrows. For me it was a matter of course. The onion's own sweetness, enhanced with raw cane sugar, is simply a perfect prerequisite for a good marmalade. I then wanted to make a slightly spicier marmalade, like a chutney (the word chutney comes from Hindi and means 'spicy'), and therefore I also added rapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, black pepper and bay leaves.

The result was a tasty winner that has been loved not only by me, but by many others. As early as 2014, it was served at the Nobel Festival, in 2015 it was certified by Husmansbord and in 2016 it was named Sweden's best country food. It has been praised by none other than Carl Jan Granqvist "Hats off to the red onion, a future favorite on the Christmas table!".

And the best of all: it goes with almost everything, from cheeses and everything grilled to root vegetables, vegetables and sour cream! Such unique flavors cannot be achieved every time, but I am really satisfied with this flavor and product. It is when you succeed like this that you think you have the best job in the world!

A wonderful dream made of red onion. Fits well with most things. Super tasty with anything grilled It goes very well with cheeses. Good as a side dish for meat, fried potatoes, root vegetables, chicken, vegetables and not least for sour stromning.

Named Sweden's best country food 2016, at the GastroNord fair.
Graduated from Husmanbord in 2015.
Served at the Nobel Party 2014, 2016.

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