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About Sörgården Måla

Sörgården Måla is a food artisan who cooks delicious unique delicacies that we sell in our farm shop, through retailers and in our online store.

The farm shop is located by lake Hjälmaren, Arboga. We produce good, completely natural and unique flavors of marmalades, sauces, mustard, gourmet crackers and vegan dip .

I also sell my products here on the website and to retailers in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

In the online store you can pay by card, Swish or Klarna.
You can also order in the webshop and pick up in the farm shop.

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Info and contact

Opening hours:

Weekdays 9:00–16:00

If you want to come at a different time, just ring a bell in advance. I'm usually at home on the farm - I live here and also have my production here - besides, it's the case that I don't want to leave this place.


Sörgården Måla
732 92 Arboga
Org. no. 556959-5050

Welcome to visit!

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Telephone: 070-549 8587


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Vision and idea

Unique, organic, locally grown and high-quality are important watchwords for the business, in its pursuit of new good, exciting flavors.

We produce according to the principle, little but good. Everything is done by hand, which takes time, but which we at Sörgården Måla believe is necessary. We believe that it must take time to make good food.

We never use flavor enhancers, dyes, preservatives or other industrial substances. We are organically certified. All products are based on first-class, 100% natural raw materials, real fruits and berries.

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We have implemented a development project, which was partially financed from the EU's agricultural fund for rural development.
We have created a customized flexible efficient mobile small-scale production solution for the development and production of unique food craft products.