Create natural flavors with passion

In the middle of the leafy landscape on Hjälmaren's northern shore lies Sörgården Måla, an idyll where time seems to have stood still. Here, where the silence is only broken by nature's own notes and the whispering of the wind in the trees, I have found my calling - to create world-class food crafts.

With a background in sales and IT and a burning desire for something more, I took the decision of my heart and let my dream guide me towards the wonderful world of food. Sörgården Måla is the result of this journey; an oasis where fruit and berries tell a story and where every jar and bottle symbolizes a promise of quality and authenticity.

Natural flavors without compromise – that's the core of my philosophy. We use exclusively organic ingredients, for the sake of taste and for the good of the earth. By putting taste first, we invite you to a world where every bite is a natural experience. Our products – from the homemade marmalades to the fine-tuned sauces and mustards – are a tribute to mother earth.

Our craft is the art of capturing the flavor of naturally ripened fruits and berries, carefully transformed into culinary sensations that no industrial process can imitate. With small production runs, we ensure accuracy, control and quality beyond the ordinary. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop flavors that surprise and delight, always with a dedicated commitment to sustainability.

Sörgården Måla is not just a place, it is an extension of my person, my principles, and my passion for food. It is a story of adventure, discovery and a never-ending quest for perfection in the art of cooking. Each recipe is a signature work and each product is a ticket to a journey of flavors waiting to be explored.

For the health-conscious foodie, the organic enthusiast, and the true food enthusiast, Sörgården Måla is for you. Our vision is to enrich your kitchen with flavors that are not only good for you, but also for the planet we all call home.

Sörgården Måla stands for genuine quality and flavors that come straight from the heart. For us, food is more than just nutrition; it's a love affair with nature, a feast for the senses and a passionate dialogue about sustainability where every bite speaks. Welcome to share this passion with us - for the sake of your taste and the planet.

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