Alla produkter All products Valhall's Elixir - Swedish Gold - gift box with chili sauces with delicious Swedish flavors
Valhall's Elixir - Swedish Gold - gift box with chili sauces with delicious Swedish flavors
Valhall's Elixir - Swedish Gold - gift box with chili sauces with delicious Swedish flavors
Valhall's Elixir - Swedish Gold - gift box with chili sauces with delicious Swedish flavors
Valhall's Elixir - Swedish Gold - gift box with chili sauces with delicious Swedish flavors

Valhall's Elixir - Swedish Gold - gift box with chili sauces with delicious Swedish flavors

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Welcome to Valhall's Elixir - Swedish Gold's world, where you can enjoy a delicious and exciting chili sauce experience like never before!

Introducing Valhall's Elixir - Swedish Gold, the perfect gift for all the chili fans in your life! This gift box contains two delicious sauces with unique Swedish flavors that are guaranteed to spice up any meal. Whether you're going to grill or just looking for a new taste experience, Valhall's Elixir - Swedish Gold is the perfect choice. So don't wait - surprise your loved ones today with this luxurious and appreciated gift!

Our gift set with two sauces is perfect for those who appreciate good taste and luxury. With our gooseberry sauce, Valhall's Hot Gold, and our rich blueberry sauce, Odens Svarta Droppar, your taste buds will have a real experience! Both are perfect for grilling when you want to spice things up with unique flavors. So don't hesitate, buy our Swedish gold today and enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience! This set of two delicious sauces has unique Swedish flavors that are guaranteed to tempt the taste buds. Surprise your friends or family with a luxurious and much appreciated gift today!

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With Valhall's Elixir - Swedish Gold, you get to taste a gift box with two delicious chili sauces that are made with inspiration from Sweden and Scandinavia. Swedish Gold consists of our hjortron sauce and our rich blueberry sauce. Both are good for grilling when you want to add a little extra luxury with unique flavors.

The golden deer sauce, "Valhall's Hot Gold ", goes well with grilled, root vegetables, game, steak, cold cuts, spicy sausages, hamburgers, meat skewers, lasagna, while the full-bodied blueberry sauce "Oden black drops" goes well with game, cheese, cold cuts, smoked fish , reindeer shavings, pork, root vegetables and chicken.

What makes these flavors so fascinating? The gooseberry sauce begins as a sweet-sour gentle experience, much like walking across a swaying bog. Then the flavors lift and you get firm ground when you land in the heat of the chili, like when the midnight sun throws its hot rays around you.…

Odin, the greatest god, hugs the soul and bravery out of the fallen warriors, to the blueberry sauce Oden's black drops . With power from the deep forests, my blueberry sauce becomes a strong and musty brew, which gives the fallen warriors strength and courage again. A perfect barbecue sauce with the Old Norse richness from blueberries combined with the heat of chili and sweetness from honey.

Chili Vikings Valhalls Elixir are two awesome hot delicious chili sauces in attractive packaging. Double bottle in wooden wool bed in wooden box, including the story behind the Elixir. How we cook it in the golden halls of Valhalla and see how the fallen warriors drink the elixir to have the strength to fight the giants the next day.

Redcurrant sauce

Ingredients: Cloudberry, Parsnip, Raw Cane Sugar, Water, Honey, Vinegar, Garlic, Habanero Lemon, Sea Salt, Fenugreek, Coriander, Turmeric
Nutrition declaration 100g: Energy 504 kJ/119 kcal; Fat 0.7 g (saturated fat 0.1 g); Carbohydrates 26 g (of which sugars 21 g); Protein 1.9 g; Salt 0.7 g

Blueberry sauce

Ingredients: Blueberries, raw cane sugar, vinegar, carrot, honey, red onion, chili, ginger, garlic, sea salt, Carolina Reaper chili, thyme, fennel
Nutrition declaration 100g: Energy 744 kJ/175 kcal; Fat 0.3 g (saturated fat 0 g); Carbohydrates 43 g (of which sugars 39 g); Protein 1 g; Salt 1.1 g


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jan Lind

En otroligt god sås, väldigt fint förpackad. Ett presenttips! Jag kommer absolut att köpa den igen.

Bästa såsen

Nyårsafton! Vi kör denna såsen på kladdkaka. Det är som alla tror det är, helt magiskt! Gott nytt år 2024!

Uppskattad present

Trevlig och uppskattad present i snygg förpackning

Hej Kirsten,
Tack för att du tog dig tid att recensera vår Valhalls Elixir Swedish Gold presentförpackning med chilisåser med utsökta svenska smaker! Vi är glada att det var en uppskattad present med våra såser av hjortron och blåbär. Våra förpackningar är designade för att göra ett positivt intryck , så vi är glada att det lyckades.
Vi uppskattar ditt besök och ser fram emot att höra av dig snart.

Jessica Wilkinson
Elixir Valhalla

Köpte marmelad och elixir till min bror som tycker om allt med Asagudarna och det var en väldigt uppskattad julklapp. Blir fler ggr jag köper

Tack för ditt köp av Valhalls Elixir, Jessica! Vi är så glada att höra att din bror uppskattade den som julklapp. Vi hoppas att du kommer att överväga oss igen i framtiden för alla dina behov av chilisås :)

En lyckad födelsedagspresent

Min man som älskar vikingatiden, grillning och goda chilisåser fullkomligt älskade denna, som han fick i födelsedagspresent.

Såserna är fantastiskt goda 😃

Tack Sophie för dina vänliga ord om vår Valhalls Elixir - Swedish Gold. Det är roligt att höra att din man uppskattade detta som födelsedagspresent. Vi är glada att höra att han gillar såserna och vi hoppas att han kommer att njuta av dem mycket när han grillar läckra rätter!